Most common injury in wrestling

Sonja Iža, Ines Ivanković



Introduction: Wrestling is a contact sport and basis of every martial sport. There are free and classic wrestling style, where the free more frequent injuries.

Aim: Investigate the causes and prevention of the most common injuries in wrestling

Materials and methods: By electronic search of the literature, some of the available databases such as: Medline (PubMed, PubMed Central) and Croatian bibliographic base have been searched. The keywords used for the purpose of the search are: injuries in wrestling and wrestling or wrestling injury, wrestling.

Results: 15 original surveys and 9 review articles related to the aim of researching this work were obtained by the shutdown process.

Conclusion: Wrestling is a sport that often leads to injuries. Most common injuries occur on the joints of the upper and lower extremities, for lower extremities the most common injury is a knee injury, while for upper it is an elbow fractures. The key role should be given to prevention, muscle spasms, improved coordination and flexibility.


Key words: injury, wrestling, prevention