Stress at work and his factors at health and non-health workers in public service

Nikolina Ferenac, Iva Ivanković



Introduction: Stress at work is a specific type of stress whose source is in the work environment. It represents a global public health problem and is one of the biggest causes of occupational illness and illness in the world.

Aim: To determine whether there is a difference in the level of stress between public health and non-health workers.

Materials and methods: The survey involved 110 respondents (55 health and 55 non-health workers). The Stressors Questionnaire at the Workplace was used. Respondents also evaluated the personal experience of a specific stressor on the Likert scale ranging from 1 to 5.

Results: The obtained results indicate that there is a statistical difference in the level of stress between health and non-health workers.

Conclusion: The study suggests that subjects of both groups are exposed to different types of stressors at the workplace.


Key words: Stress, stressors, health workers, un-health workers