Quality of physiotherapy activity and professional responsibility of physiotherapist

Margereta Begić



Introduction: The development of physiotherapy activities strives for high standards and quality to provide quality physiotherapy services.

Aim: To gain insight into whether physiotherapists comply with the legal provisions, regulations, rules, codes, statutes in everyday activities.

Materials and methods: Quantitative research was performed on a sample of 31 physiotherapists (N = 31). Questionnaire on basic features of responsibility in physiotherapeutic activity was conducted. Results: 96.8% (N = 30) of respondents provide their patients information about the plan, interventions and goals of physiotherapy, while 87.1% (N = 27) ask the patient for consent to physiotherapy. The possibility to be with their patients during their overall physiotherapy have 82.8% (N = 24). All respondents of the questionnaire claim that they are able to abide by the Code of physiotherapeutic ethics and deonotools in everyday work. 75% (N = 21) respondents say that they had too many patients.

Conclusion: Providing health care services is a complex system that, with expertise and physiotherapy, ensures integrity in terms of health care concerns. Knowledge and experience, as well as legal and moral principles, must be known and conscientiously applied.

Key words: physiotherapeutic activity, responsibilities, responsibility