Phenomenology of physiotherapy science

Marinela Jadanec Đurin, Antun Jurinić


Introduction: In the last ten years, more and more physiotherapists have emerged exploring the theoretical foundations of physiotherapy science. Defining key phenomena is an assumption.

Aim: The purpose of the paper is to isolate the core phenomena of physiotherapy science around which physiotherapy experts reach consensus.

Materials and methods: By logically summarizing the 868 physiotherapy terms identified by previous delphi research, a list of 86 terms was created. Seven expert physiotherapists were to focus on the underlying phenomena of physiotherapy science by consensus.

Results: 16 phenomena were extracted by consensus: balance, pain, breathing, touch, physical factor, physiotherapy technology, physiotherapy science, physiotherapy approach, physiotherapy process, functional stability, gait, muscle tone, model of disability, movement, movement, posture.

Conclusion: What phenomena are the subject of research in physiotherapy science? This question was answered with one possible answer by this research. Defining key phenomena means a shift in the development of the theory of physiotherapy science as well as a step in the creation of physiotherapy scientific terminology.


Key words: phenomenology, physiotherapy science, physiotherapy