The frequency of injuries in Croatian recreational tennis players

Filip Cvek


Introduction: Tennis, as one of the most popular sports in the world brings together a lot of players. A lot of players also means a lot of injuries. Many of those players are recreational players, so we need to further the research and find out the incidence of injuries in those players.

Aim: To determine the incidence of injuries of recreational players localisation, and risk factors of injuries in recreational players.

Materials and methods: 244 participants took part in this research, 85,6% of which were male, and 14,4% were female. The research was conducted via an online questionnaire.

Results: Results have shown that 79,5% of participants have sustained some type of injury playing tennis. Lower extremites were the ones more injured, specifically the ankle joint, while in upper extremites the most injured joint was the elbow joint. Most injured structure was the ligament, followed by tenedon injuries, muscle injuries and ankle distortions.

Conclusion: Large number of injuries in recreational players are of great concern, but with specific prevention measures, education and quality research, the incidence of injuries can be greatly diminished.


Key words: tennis injuries, frequency, physiotherapy, recreational players